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What kind of kilt wearer would I be if I didn’t review my kilts?

Here you will find my reviews of the various kilts I wear. I wear utility kilts, because I cannot handle life without pockets. I will rate the quality of the kilt, note any quirks, and also rate the quality of service.

Women’s Metal V-Kilt by Verillas

When I came across this one, my inner Riot Girl fell in love. Buckles, d-rings, chains, and other shiny bits! What wasn’t there to love?

Price: 4/5
$79.00 plus $10 S&H

Build: 4/5
100% Cotton, dry clean only. I wash it on the hand wash or delicate cycle, hang dry, and iron.

I realllly wanted to give this a 5, but I can’t. So let’s dig in.

I ordered a size 30 for my natural waist. This part fits fine. The kilt is 17” long, coming to about 2” above my knees, with the tradition left under/right over fold for the apron.

Two detachable pockets hook into the chrome hardware. One has company logo

The stays are a little baffling. The left side has 3 snaps for adjustments, which is fine, but the right side does not snap to the kilt directly. Instead, there is a leather strip with a buckle that attaches to a clasp at your side and snaps into the kilt. This is not entirely secure, IMO, and leaves room for movement. Using a kilt pin gave the security it needed.

There is a second leather strip with a buckle for a few inches down for around the hip area. This is where there is a major flaw in their design. The hip strip was the same size as the ones intended for the waist.

Let’s be blunt, I have hips. Small waist, not so small hips. So I contact customer service to explain the situation and see if they will send a bigger strip.

Although I received a quick reply, they told me to return the kilt and get the next size up.

I tried to explain again, that my waist was just fine. Getting the next size up would have it fall below my belly button and the hem would be at my knees. Not how it should fit. All I wanted was a longer leather strip.

This was apparently a no can do. The only way to get a longer strip was to get a bigger kilt :/ Apparently, there was no memo that women might have a bigger hip area in comparison to their waist.

True to size: 4/5
Larger hips not considered in order

Customer service: 2/5
The two stars are for the quick reply, but the lack of desire to satisfy a customer. They have lost 2 potential sales from friends over this.

The fix:
Taking an extra boot strap buckle I had from when a boot company in England sent me the wrong size straps (and who cheerfully sent me the right ones with expedited shipping, I might add), I Gorilla Glued the too small buckle to my boot strap. I added snaps to the boot strap so that it would easily reach the snaps on the kilt. The extra cost was zero dollars, since this was all hoarded craft material from 10 years ago that I still had on hand.

Summary: Great looking kilt, comfortable, reasonable price, baffling customer service. I would consider ordering from them again, but would have to make sure I had something to potentially Gerry-rig it so that it works as it should. Because of their design, perhaps they should have an option to ascertain hip size? They are also hit and miss in giving you sizing on their products on their site. Sometimes it is in the description, sometimes not. I passed on a few items I could not ascertain the sizing of.

Overall Score: 3.5/5.0 Stars

Ladies Black Cotton 20″ Utility Kilt Skirt US 4-26 by Tartanista USA 

Price: 5/5
$39.98 plus free standard shipping (3 weeks from the UK for me)

Build: 5/5
100% cotton, washable. Very stiff and sturdy. First kilt I’ve ever worn that had the left side come under and the apron come from the right. Adjustable buckles at both hips help with fit, used kilt pin in place to help stay.

Pockets: Two that are sewn on each hip.

True to Size: 0/5
Sizing was…baffling.

The instructions from the seller tell you to ignore the Amazon size chart and to order your regular US dress size. At the time, my waist was 30” and I was a size 6, so that was what I ordered, a US6

When it finally came in, it was not marked by dress size. It was listed by inches. They sent me a 28” or as I know it, a Size 4. Spoiler alert, I could not fit back into a size 4 at that point.

I initiated the process for a return. They claim to refund shipping if its due to an inaccurate description, but I did not receive reimbursement.

Customer Service: 3/5

I made sure to get tracking on the return. It was a good thing, as after 3 weeks I had received no word of the return or had an exchange/refund sent to me. I contacted the seller with a screen cap of the USPS tracking showing its arrival. Got a line about how it’s a dropship and it doesn’t get checked frequently. My exchange was immediately sent, so points for that.
However, there has been no update on my Amazon order. The status is still at waiting for item to be returned =/

Summary: For the price, you can’t beat it. The apron folds differently and it runs at least a size small. If you want to wear it at your high waist, order a size above. If you want to wear it at or just below your belly, go two sizes.

Overall Score: 3.25/5.0 Stars

Women’s Black Kilt w/Antique Brass Rivets from Stumptown Kilts

Price: 3/5
$155.00 plush S&H

Build: 5/5
Warning: Be prepared for an insane amount of gushing.

It’s a very durable poly/cotton blend that’s machine washable. Extremely adjustable so I can wear it high or low, the apron folds the normal right under/left over and the material is pleated in such a way that it does not need a kilt pin to help keep it in place.

There are a variety of colors and lengths to choose from. You can even choose which color rivets on some. I purchased the black 17” with brass rivets. I debated on choosing a color, but ultimately went with black figuring I could change out the pockets with different colors.

Pockets: It comes with a detachable mini pocket that is great for credit cards/ID/Small amounts of cash. The apron has its own hidden pocket!!!!! Its huge! I can fit my giant phone AND my giant wallet, although it starts to look bulky if I do put both in there. I also ordered the two mini pockets pack in burgundy and thesmall/ large pocket pack in burgundy. Additional pockets in a variety of sizes/colors/rivets available.

The pockets attach using a built in bandoleer system.

True to size: 5/5
No problems fitting the XS, with a few snaps to spare.

These kilts are specifically designed to be highly adjustable, because they understand that women come in a variety of sizes and like a variety of fits. *GASP*

Customer Service: 5/5
I can’t say enough about the service. I noticed in the small/large pocket pack that there was not an option for burgundy. I emailed them Friday of Labor Day weekend asking if I would be able to get them. I got a response on Sunday apologizing for taking so long to reply (It’s a holiday weekend – I didn’t expect a reply until Tuesday) and told me NO PROBLEM. Just order the black option, then email him back with the order number and that they would take care of it.

My kilt model was on back order. It came EXACTLY when it said it would come in AND had my burgundy large pockets!

Seriously gushing love here.

Summary: Stumptown was recommended by a HS friend when he saw my Facebook post about my problems with the Verillas kilt. It’s a little pricey, but SOOOO worth it. I wear this kilt the most and would definitely buy another, probably the brown or the green. I will very likely buy more pockets in different colors. I wish they had a true or brick red, but maybe they will add it in later.

Overall score: 4.8/5.0 Stars

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