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What’s there to say about me? I was born and currently live in Buffalo, NY, the City of Good Neighbors, where hope springs eternal every Fall, and where the best pizza on Earth can be found. Don’t like the place I took you to? Walk two blocks to the next the pizza place. Eventually, you’ll find one you like. I prefer Ferro’s Famous on Seneca St. or Imperial on Abbott. Don’t like pizza? Try some wings, beef on weck, or visit Ted’s Hot Dogs. I probably shouldn’t write this just before lunch 😮

I grew up in Central California, so I say “Dude” a lot…and “Hella,” because that’s what I do and when I go to “home” in my dreams, it is always the house on Lopes Ave. I was the bandnerd and I still talk with pride about being a part of that Band in Black, the MM100.

I spent some time in Central Texas, where if you’re weird, you feel welcome. Just keep that bottled water handy and you’ll be just fine.

I came back to Buffalo to be more with my family and to try to figure things out. What I figured out is that I reallllly dislike the cold and that lake effect blizzards that dump 6 feet of snow overnight can bite me. October Storm? Drove home through that mess. Snovemeber? House bound for 6 days because it took that long for a plow to finish my street. They were still working on my street when the travel ban was lifted. Fun times.

It was also here where I met in-person the love of my life, photography. No, I’m kidding. I mean my husband, Bob. Bringer of Morning Kibble, The Squeaker of the Toys, the “I know” to my “I love you.” We did come to photography together, him a little bit before me. It has been something we have been able to enjoy together. Bob is the more technical of us and I am more of the “let’s see what happens when I do THIS…”

And yeah, I wear kilts.

I feel happiest when I am wearing one. Even happier when they have pockets 😀 I’m a quirky “riot grrl” at heart. I need my pleats, my D-rings, and a t-shirt referencing pop culture (and not ironically). Expect stompy boots, Converse, or Skechers on my feet.

During Winter, which is ¾ of the year, I am also likely nested in a hoodie. I’ve got more hoodies than Bill Belichick.

I tried dressing casual corporate for my sessions, but it just wasn’t “me.”

There comes a point in your life where you have to be you and not what you think other people expect you to be.

Expect my blog to talk about my favorite clothing pieces, whether I bought them, modified them, or made them.

My favorite fandoms: Star Wars, Firefly, Deadpool, Harley Quinn, Doctor Who, comics in general, sci-fi in general. I love incorporating them into my Riot Grrl or Steampunk looks. Being creative with my fandoms fills me with happy!

I really do love your pet!

I always was and still am the person who ignores the crowded room to pet the dog or cat.

My first “what I want to be when I grow up” was to be a veterinarian. When I realized how much it would hurt to have to put an animal down, I had to rethink that.

Eventually, I ended up being a manager for a big box pet store for a few years. I learned way more than I ever thought I would about pet nutrition, toys, treats, etc. I met a lot of great people and enjoyed helping them find solutions to their problems. I loved meeting every pet that came through and more than once had a pet parent marvel how much their dog, who didn’t like other people, liked me.

It is where I “found” both my bearded dragons, Fluffy and River, as they were both abandoned by their previous owners. It is where during an adoption event that my husband decided that he found his dog (yup, YOUR dog sweetie, ha ha ha).

It is where I ran my first Santa Paws photoshoots. One store was so busy, my husband and I stayed an extra hour to accommodate everyone.

Love me, love my camera

I started becoming interested in photography during my stint working at The Picture People in 2006 and bought my first DSLR at that time. It was a Nikon and bought the body only, foolishly thinking that I could share lenses with my husband. Not too long afterwards, I started playing with a Canon at Circuit City and decided I liked the interface on it much better, so I switched brands.

My first subjects were, naturally, my three cats.

We lived in a tiny, tiny, apartment in South Buffalo at the time (for 9 years, somehow!). Space was limited, as in there wasn’t any. I decided I wanted to create a “professional” looking portrait at home, and by “professional” I mean to make it look like in studio. In a small area before the hallway, I grabbed a white window blind and taped it to the entertainment unit. I brought over a lamp, took off its cover, and angled it in hopes of having a hair light. I plopped Mr. Personality Himself, Seven the Magnificent, onto my makeshift backdrop. Before he could figure out what nonsense I was up to this time and escape, I pressed my back against the wall about a foot away, balanced my camera in one hand and that lamp in the other, pressed the button and hoped profusely that I got close.

I did it.

Oh, it’s got its flaws. Seven is in the “flying baby” pose as I had no room to go eye level to him. But the lighting worked and his eyes were expressive.

I felt that if I could do it under those Gerry-rigged conditions, that I can do it anywhere.

I’m still proud of that portrait and I would be proud to take portraits for you and your pets.

I’m your pet’s favorite photographer – because amazing pets (and their people) deserve amazing portraits!




Thank you for letting me be your pet’s favorite photographer, in Buffalo and beyond!

SA Hubbard

The Kilted Pet Photographer
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is Bully Breed Friendly

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Very impressive! I thought with my two dogs, there’s no way they’d be able to get photos of my girls.. they never sit still! But with the help of cute barking noises, and a lot of “car rides” being promised, the photos turned out beautiful!

The staff at Hubbard Photography worked with my girls, (and what little attention span they had) and captured some amazing photos that I didn’t think were possible.

The session was short and sweet and the photos were more than phenomenal! What really surprised me was how they were able to capture their personality. Lucy, my fun loving “do what I wanna” dog, and Maggie, my little princess that sat so perfect and pretty for every shot they wanted.

Although they weren’t a fan of some props, they have fun and everyone was able to enjoy a few laughs. Highly recommended!

Sarah Perry

Where is mah cookie?

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