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However, as it came closer for me and Bob to live together, a friend I worked with asked if I would take one of her cats in. She had tried to re-home her several times, but over the course of the first year of her life, kept being returned to my friend.

We brought the cat home a couple of weeks after we got our tiny apartment. Bob wanted to give her a noble name, like the great cats of Egypt. I told him we needed to wait and watch her, that we would figure out her name soon enough. Her curiosity was evident and she did not hesitate to stick her nose everywhere. I knew her name would be Snoop, because she was a nosy, little, biddy.

Snoop has a habit of randomly going crazy, running around at top speeds, and leaping up walls. We thought she was lonely and was playing with an imaginary friend.

Bob found a beautiful cat named Pumpkin on the SPCA’s website and so, we went down to Angola to visit Pumpkin and bring her home.

Unfortunately, she was no longer there. Since we had driven all that way, we decided we would see who was there. I went to one wall of cats while Bob went to a different room.

My first thought was to get a black cat, but there were none at the wall. They were also all asleep. Except for one, who had clamored for my attention on my first walk-by. He was talkative and grabby, with catcher’s mitts for paws. When I walked by again, he made sure to give me a yell, as if to say “look at me!”

His name is Seven, as evident by the extra large paws. There are seven on each forepaw and 5 on each back paw.
I took him out of the cage and went to look for Bob, to let him know that I had picked a cat. Problem was, in the meantime, Bob had picked a tiny, 5 month old, grey kitty. This is why you do not let husbands wander off on their own!
We had that moment where we looked at each other and went “Now what?” but then Seven leaned over and licked the grey kitten named Yu (Later Yui). Bob’s heart melted and he proclaimed that we needed to take both.

We brought both home, obviously. That was 2004 and Snoop still hasn’t forgiven us since.

Yui was already fixed and so got to come home immediately. We separated him and gave Snoop enough time to get used to his scent. Seven was not fixed, so he came home a few days later.

Bob tried to segregate him, but he was not having any of it. He broke out of the bedroom and came out strutting, as if he owned the place. He quickly established he so-called alpha-ness and the rest is Hubbard Kitty history.

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Very impressive! I thought with my two dogs, there’s no way they’d be able to get photos of my girls.. they never sit still! But with the help of cute barking noises, and a lot of “car rides” being promised, the photos turned out beautiful!

The staff at Hubbard Photography worked with my girls, (and what little attention span they had) and captured some amazing photos that I didn’t think were possible.

The session was short and sweet and the photos were more than phenomenal! What really surprised me was how they were able to capture their personality. Lucy, my fun loving “do what I wanna” dog, and Maggie, my little princess that sat so perfect and pretty for every shot they wanted.

Although they weren’t a fan of some props, they have fun and everyone was able to enjoy a few laughs. Highly recommended!

Sarah Perry

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